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Title "Knockouts" will be touring California, showing off there new Title Bodies, Boxing skills, and love for the Title Boxing Club family. During our demonstrations our "Knockouts" will be showing you how easy it is to get in shape and where to join. Trained under Micheal Salmon, knockouts will be hitting up each door, business, city gaining blanket exposure selling your memberships. We don't want you to worry, we'll handle all the risk with our 2 option donations. For any month to month membership we sell, or contract, we will only collect off enrollment fee. Contact us now to set up your enrollment fee donation conversion account and track your exposure with us. Knockouts!

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The best way to get in shape, have fun, and meet people!

Title "Knockouts"

Micheal Trainer

Kickboxing / Personal Training

Lacy Trainer

Kick Boxing / Personal Trainer

Michelle Trainer

Boxing / Personal Trainer