SoulFire Foundation

The Soulfire Foundation is run by the Council in Geneva and overseen by the 1st Elder. Ever since the expansion of the Foundation in the early 19th century, the various chapters of the Foundation in other countries have been run by the Preceptor who has been appointed to that country. Our Motto is enhancing the human potential - Living outside the bounds of normal human interaction were researching the expansion of the human mind and consciousness.

Beach Boot-Camp
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“Enhancing The Human Potential”

Doggie Day-Care Dog-Care on the beach

Let our team of animal professionals watch your furry family members while you work out, eat, or relax with no

Bar on Wheels Drinks on the Beach

Let our beautiful bartenders serve your free drink with every $5 donation for research into enhancing our human potential.

Beach Boot-Camp Fitness on the beach

1 hour total body boot-camp for all fitness levels. Let our AFAA certified trainers shape your body into perfection.

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